1. Dreamstate

  2. Rebel Minded (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

  3. Deadly Kid (The Digi Collection)

  4. Concrete Word
    Destruct x Esume

  5. The Chronic Blues
    Destruct & Hi Fly

  6. The Vibe Tape | Prod by Kev Brown

  7. Con Todo - With Everything
    Destruct & AGQ

  8. The I.D.
    Destruct & Ideology

  9. React
    Destruct and BeOND

  10. The Munchies
    Non Flaco

  11. Leaving yet?

  12. Bars And Drums
    B.A.D Company

  13. Inner City Soul EP
    Inner City Soul

  14. Vai Tomar No Cu
    Bet1 & Destruct

  15. Stay Focused EP
    Destruct & Kev Da Khemist

  16. The Assembly Line EP
    Destruct & K-Dence

  17. Project Pos

  18. Free.99
    Provoked & Destruct

  19. Non Flaco
    EQ & Destruct

  20. Warheads
    Sky Hie & Destruct

  21. Raw Slice
    Destruct & KG Boom

  22. Guillotine Smooth
    Moresounds & Destruct

  23. PhiLA

  24. Dank Soul
    Destruct & Brother Beatbox

  25. The Blend
    Destruct & Smoovth

  26. Fear Not feat. Cadalack Ron

  27. Banksy Pt.2
    Blvck Amish X Destruct

  28. Seasons
    Destruct x Breeze

  29. New Design feat. King

  30. Genuine Approach w/ Sirrealist, EQ (Prod by Jake One)

  31. Suicide Doors w/ Foxsta

  32. The F.L.OW. ( For The Love Of Words)

  33. Wake Up feat. Laid Law

  34. Keep It Raw w/ Sirrealist

  35. Stumbling Away w/ Bet 1, EQ

  36. Hydro Plane w/ XP, Illwerd, Mike Storm

  37. Take You feat. Braille

  38. Pass It

  39. Insomnia w/ Sirkle of Sound , Ariano

  40. Beats, Bars & Spit w/ Krazy Race, Pawz 1

  41. No Worries w/ Gavlyn

  42. Change That feat. Chaundon, Kastaway

  43. Dark Clouds w/ Dumb Nice (Yello Blac & Juels), Mickey Taelor

  44. The Return w/ Big Rob The Champ

  45. Weird Song w/Abstract Rude, Shames Worthy, Drewid, Menancin Johnson, Myka 9, Jroz, and Oracle

  46. Feelin Blowed w/ Thesis, Adversity

  47. Eye U feat. Meat Man

  48. The World We Livin' In feat. Planet Asia, EQ

  49. Lifetime w/ L.A. Timez

  50. Been A Minute feat. BeOND

  51. Let You Know w/ Blac Heat

  52. Like That w/ Anthm, EQ

  53. Bosnia w/ EQ

  54. Festin De Ratas

  55. The In Betweens
    Destruct & Reverie

  56. The Weapon is Set feat. Mortis One

  57. Verbal Distutbance w/ Big F Plus, ILLZ One

  58. Don't Stop
    Quiet On The Set

  59. A Day To Remember

  60. We Got This
    Destruct & XP

  61. Keep It Travelin feat. Gajah
    Destruct & BeOND

  62. Fresh Coast 2 w/ All Angles

  63. Make A Move w/ Ashley Dominique

  64. De Chile a L.A. w/ Dazer, Geo Kibyrumb

  65. Moment For Self
    Destruct & XP

  66. All Across The World w/ Natural Selection, Rebels To Grain, Leo Miles & Dj.Fingerfood

  67. Back Up w/ Yello Blac, EQ, Chandice Anastasia

  68. Every Time feat. Jroz

  69. Underground Anthem w/Sum-In-1

  70. Chess Piece (Remix)

  71. Fast Life feat. J.O., Isaid

  72. Can't Fly w/ Copywrite, Azma Instigator

  73. Who I Am w/ BeOND,Knox

  74. All Mines feat. Wildelux

  75. Crack Rock (Prod by Kev Brown)
    Destruct & Polo

  76. Love Tales

  77. 50/50

  78. Ride Tonight
    Ricky Rock & Destruct

  79. Deep In The Canvas
    B.A.D Company

  80. Back & Fourth

  81. Raw Sh!T feat. Seven Day

  82. Times Up

  83. Smarten Up feat. Ideology

  84. R U Awake feat. Josiah, Arkyve, Namek

  85. Symbol In Rap

  86. West Coast Blend
    Ricky Rock & Destruct

  87. Dreamin feat. EQ, Ophelia, Impress

  88. All Bets Off

  89. Bad Wayz feat. Neila

  90. Genuine Article feat. Rebels To The Grain, Odd Sequence

  91. Raise The Bar

  92. Summer Time feat. Ill Poetix, Miki Flow, Blade Brown

  93. Follow The Leaders

  94. Here I Am feat. Rebels To The Grain

  95. Human In Us

  96. We The Bizness feat. Infinit Angles

  97. Life's Not A Bitch feat. Prophets Of Sound

  98. Tru & Livin'

  99. Suicide Rhyme w/ The Od's, L.E.G.A.C.Y.(Justus Leauge)

  100. What It Use To Be feat. Ideology

  101. Three Words feat. Non Flaco

  102. Ghetto Perspective feat. Menez One

  103. Movin' On feat. Non Flaco, D.Rae, Impress

  104. The Tension feat. Smoovth

  105. Ode 2 The West Coast Drive By feat. EQ, Jugga Da Beast

  106. Keep Movin On feat. J.O.

  107. Payback Remix feat. Payback

  108. Formula For The Fiends feat. Humanbeings

  109. It Happens To The Best feat. Sum-In-1, Dj.Leviathan

  110. Awww Yeah feat. Sum-In-1,Kev Da Khemist, Mr.Green

  111. Ladies Come,Ladies Go

  112. Born Hip Hop feat. Sum-In-1 (Dj.Bussy Remix)

  113. For The F@#K Of It

  114. Ride The Rhythm feat. Turtle

  115. Rest Up Remix feat. Fawksie 1

  116. Gutter feat. EQ

  117. Who Got... feat. Total Bliss

  118. We Angry feat. Top Dime

  119. Born Hip Hop feat. Sum-In-1

  120. Last Breath feat. XP

  121. Failure Is Not An Option

  122. Analigital After Hours Vol.1

  123. Around The Corner feat. Rip One

  124. Ony Call Real Remix

  125. Break Apart feat. Keri,Walhalla,Dedey, Dj.Undoo

  126. Humble Threat RMX

  127. United Front

  128. Time Wastin' (Supreme Bounce Mix)

  129. Swan Lake feat. RTD, Lord Lhus

  130. Humble Threat

  131. Poetry Is... feat. Byphar


Destruct Los Angeles, California

Booking / Area 52 studio time @ rebelmc4life@yahoo.com

As one of the hardest working emcee's in L.A. today, Destruct has shown what it takes to gain acclaim and respect in one of the most unforgiving music scenes in the world.

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